At the heart of Greg Wells’ success is his extraordinary commitment to his clients. He and his team are customer service driven—a trait his clients readily recognize and appreciate. “The way I have my team set up is really a service-oriented structure where we guide our clients every step of the way, start to finish.” This personal touch helps lead his clients all the way through the buying and selling process, from preparing the home for sale all the way to the finish line. With one third of the clientele coming from referrals and another 20 percent from repeat business, The Greg Wells Team values the importance of client care. Also separating Wells from the pack are his marketing efforts; for instance, only producing high-end 12 page brochures that highlight a home and its features. Using custom designed layouts, his brochures provide detailed information about his listings including accurate floor plans, comprehensive features of the home, and community amenities. Wells always uses professional photography and staging to maximize a home’s outstanding qualities to attract buyers and get the home sold quickly.

Because of Wells’ strong feelings towards the community from which he hails, he is quick to give back in any way he can, saying “We pride ourselves on helping people in the community.” One of the ways Greg Wells and his team give back is through an annual charity golf tournament that benefits a local man in a coma and raises awareness for traumatic brain injuries. Wells has hosted the event the last seven years, bringing together a community to show support for the young man’s family. Wells and his team also raise $8000 to $10000 annually for the Children’s Miracle Network and local children’s hospitals.

When Wells has free time, he likes to head to the golf course or relax to some good music. He’s also an avid sports fan, cheering on his hometown teams to victory!