Kyle Passkiewicz Jacksonville, Florida

When Kyle Passkiewicz joined the Jacksonville Southside (Fla.) market center in October 2014, several factors attracted him to the company. He had big plans to grow a team in his market and liked the entrepreneurial spirit he found at Keller Williams Realty.

“In some brokerages, there’s jealousy. Agents wonder why certain people are doing better than others,” he says. “The environment around Keller is the opposite. It’s really encouraging people to do as well as they want.”

“It’s been a great experience with Keller. They’ve allowed me to retain my flexibility as well as continue to grow the business.”

Passkiewicz also likes the commission structure offered by KW. His three-person team met their cap within two months, making the business more profitable. That helps him reinvest in his team for growth.

And while some real estate agents focus on niches or try to develop specializations, Passkiewicz finds that KW allows him to build his business according to the demands of his market area, and that he can make business decisions his way.

“We try to find out what the next niche is and be the first in that market, and ride it as long as you can, realizing that there’s always something else on the horizon. There’s always a change in the market. There’s always a new niche,” he says.