Dave Clark Cupertino, California

The Dave Clark Team

Being restricted by an office remodel that dictated how many filling cabinets he could have motivated Dave Clark to make a change for his team. Clark knew the allotted configuration wasn’t going to work for his team, so he started looking for a new company.

“I interviewed a few places and most seemed to be that same ‘old-school’ traditional approach. They would all give us an office and take a large chunk of our profits,” he says.

“Forty percent more business for me translates to about four Teslas. I can make a big difference for my family, my team and others with that kind of growth.”
-Dave Clark

Once he found out the freedom he and his team would have at Keller Williams Realty, he was sold. He joined in December 2014, bringing two assistants and a buyer’s agent with him. Soon, more people from his former brokerage joined him at Keller Williams.

It took some time to acclimate to the new culture. “I kept asking for permission—can I do this, can I do that?” Clark says. “We were given our space and told we could do anything with it that we wanted to. It just blew me away.”

The Keller Williams revenue model has allowed Clark to go after business as he desires. His team’s gross commission income has increased 40 percent in less than a year with Keller Williams. He credits half of that to the cap and the rest to the better marketing he can now accomplish with all of the services available to him.