Cindy Shetterly Northern Kentucky

With a 12-month total closed volume of $33.6 million, Cindy Shetterly is the #3 agent in the Northern Kentucky MLS. “When I began focusing on building a team, I quickly realized that I had no idea how to assemble the right team,” Shetterly says. “I also wanted to make sure I was the best team leader I could be. Keller Williams Realty provided me all the tools I needed.”

From the models and systems to the education to KW MAPS Coaching, Shetterly feels that Keller Williams has given her comprehensive direction and support. “I believe that as a team leader it’s an obligation to be enrolled in KW MAPS Coaching because your team is relying on you,” she adds.

“It’s very easy to get lost in real estate. You don’t really have someone there along the way to guide you. MAPS gave me that: a road map.”

“KW MAPS Coaching holds me accountable. Keller Williams is all about support and guidance to ensure that your business is headed to the next level,” Shetterly says. “It’s easy to find yourself working seven days a week and making money. But this doesn’t mean you are doing your best or being the most effective agent you can be.”

Since joining Keller Williams from Sibcy Cline in November 2015, Shetterly has taken advantage of many of the training and coaching opportunities including BOLD. “It’s been incredible,” she says. “It’s helped me and my team so much. I believe in its effectiveness so strongly that I paid for my whole team to attend.”