Amy Pomerantz Durham, North Carolina

Having a team is nothing new to Amy Pomerantz, a longtime star in the Durham, North Carolina real estate market. She had used the team approach to selling real estate since 1991, but always felt like she was “swimming upstream,” because most other people worked solo and her previous company wasn’t structured to accommodate teams.

In 2014, Keller Williams associate Joe Mitchell invited her to a KWRI class run by Kent Temple on how to run an effective team. “It was the information I’d been looking for over the past 21 years,” Pomerantz says. The class covered team structure, incentivizing team members, and personality profiles—all revelations for Pomerantz. Several agents had been talking to her about joining Keller Williams for years, and the class finally convinced her to come onboard in October 2014.

“After 29 years as a broker, I moved to Keller Williams with a very robust business at the time. You have to stay open to education and opportunity. That’s what Keller Williams provides.”

In 2014, Pomerantz sold $37 million in the Durham market. Although she was initially concerned about the Keller Williams office location being in Raleigh, as they are very different markets in North Carolina, it proved to be a nonissue.

Pomerantz is now freer to build and market her business her way, and that is making a big difference, she says. Her team currently includes three buyers agents, an executive assistant and two virtual assistants, who help her more economically work on prospecting, scheduling and other administrative work.

“I’d never really wrapped my arms around the fact that I could be the owner of a company. Now, I’ve spent the past year rebuilding my team the Keller Williams way, and I think the possibilities are bigger than I ever imagined,” she says.