Todd PaxtonSouthern Indiana

    The Perfect Place For Eduction

    Todd Paxton has enjoyed considerable success as a real estate broker and has been a top real estate agent in Southern Indiana for 10 years.

    He was at the top of his market. He was happy as an investment partner in an independent company that had recently merged with ERA. He didn’t want to be near the top – he wanted to be the best. After attending Mega Camp, he knew where he needed to be to get the education he sought. He knew he needed Keller Williams Realty.

    Paxton’s mindset was aligned with Keller Williams long before he joined. He had been watching the company grow in his market and started learning more about it. Then he went to Mega Camp. “My friend had joined Keller Williams a few years earlier, and he told me, ‘You are an education junkie – Keller Williams is perfect for you!’” Paxton couldn’t agree more.

    Since joining Keller Williams in 2013, Paxton has stocked up on training – attending Mega Camp again and again and attending Recruit-Select in Austin, Texas. He is also participating in trainings offered in his market center.

    Recently, Paxton got on the other side of the instructor’s desk and began teaching regional classes. “Eventually, I want to transition into education and training,” Paxton said. Now that he’s part of the #1 training organization in the world, Paxton is definitely in the right spot to achieve that goal.