Rich CazneauxSacramento, California

    Breaking Through the Production Ceiling

    Rich Cazneaux, one of the top producers in Sacramento, is breaking through his production ceiling with a little help from Keller Williams Realty and its associates.

    Cazneaux was intrigued by the progressive Keller Williams models. “I looked at the company and was impressed with its out-of-the-box sharing culture,” he said. “It seemed like the best place for me to grow.”

    Cazneaux also credits the technology and training at Keller Williams for making it the real estate company of choice for agents who want to grow their business. “The technology is second to none,” he said.

    “I loved my previous broker and the brand,” Cazneaux said about Caldwell Banker. “I was happy, but I had reached a production ceiling that I couldn’t break on my own.”

    “I attended Mega Camp before I joined Keller Williams and was amazed that I felt more comfortable there as an ‘outsider’ than I have at any other industry event,” Cazneaux said. “I was listening to Gary Keller speak and he told the crowd, ‘You are a business owner, not a real estate agent, and that means you need to act like a business.’ This made me dive deeper into Keller Williams.”

    Cazneaux has been impressed with the Keller Williams culture of coming from a place of contribution. When he attended Family Reunion, he learned of an idea to brand a moving truck and let clients and various communities, charities and schools use it free of charge.

    “I am so excited about this truck!” he exclaimed. “But I had no idea how to get started and getting it insured was proving to be difficult since I would be lending it out.” He went to his market center and his OP put him in contact with another associate who successfully launched a truck program. “I couldn’t believe it when the associate sent me a document outlining everything I needed to do,” he said. “Everyone, especially my team leader and OP, have been so helpful by putting me in touch with associates who are running successful businesses and sharing how they are breaking through their ceilings.”