Erin CatronTulsa, Oklahoma

Before joining Keller Williams Realty Advantage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Erin Catron had enjoyed a decade-long history as a Florida real estate broker. After moving from Florida to Oklahoma, she interviewed with several brokerages. She decided Keller Williams was the right fit and joined in April 2015.

“Because I’m a broker, I have the ability to create my own office and team with any company. I’ve done it before. The fact that I chose Keller Williams speaks volumes about what they provide,” she says.

“Keller Williams is very, very good at taking it case by case and ensuring that we’re really servicing our clients, not just checking off boxes to find reasons something won’t work.”

Restarting her business in a completely new environment where she had few contacts, she says the support and insight the Keller Williams team members have provided her has been invaluable. They’ve helped her understand community nuances and other important market details. At the same time, she says the fact that the leadership wants her to commit to building her own business was attractive, since that was her goal all along.

One of Catron’s mentors is real estate entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran, who has endorsed Catron. She finds that much of Corcoran’s advice is reflected in the Keller Williams values system; make sure the client is well served.

“I’ve already built one successful real estate business. When I interviewed with Keller Williams, I thought this was the place where I could continue building on my previous success.”