Amber YochumAssociate Leadership Council

Let us introduce you to Amber Yochum, a Montana native!
Amber Yochum was born and raised in Northern Montana on the family ranch. Amber’s family then moved to the Yellowstone Valley in 1986. The extensive travel that Amber has done across MT., gives her a unique perspective. Her travels have made her comfortable in all aspects of Real Estate. Amber attended Huntley Project High School and played any sport available to her. She is an accomplished artist receiving the Great Falls Advertising Scholarship, a CM Russell Foundation. The dedication she was raised with has stayed with her in her real estate business.

Amber now has four children of her own, raising them in Central Montana, in a small school with less than 100 students. They enjoy the outdoors, such as raising 4-H animals, fishing, boating, camping, rodeo and motorsports. The passion that Amber has for recreation has become an asset to her. The love of Montana’s recreation areas will help you find your next home away from home! No matter if you are selling or buying, Amber’s knowledge and experience is at your fingertips. She is familiar with most areas across Montana and can give insight into the areas you are interested in.

Amber also has 18 years’ experience running 3 successful companies including experience with rental properties. Amber runs her real estate business with just as much precision, care and dedication. She can assist you with the decisions it will take to buy or sell a residential home, commercial, farm/ranch or recreational property. With a ranching background and the knowledge of many ranches across Montana, she understands the effort it will take to make a sound decision concerning your family and livelihood.

Amber’s unique background provides you with the perfect choice for your real estate needs.