Kurt and Jennifer Bozarth Denver, Colorado

Getting to the Next Level

Seventeen years into a successful real estate career, Kurt and Jennifer Bozarth found themselves asking, “How can we get to the next level of success?” They found their answer in Keller Williams Realty.

“We were invited to Family Reunion, and we got more tools in one hour than we did in the past 15 years,” Jennifer said. “Being able to talk to mega agents who are in the same position as we are and have them add to the process and offer their insights into what they did to get their business where it is today was amazing,” Kurt added.

“We never learned the process of leveraging our time. The Keller Williams systems really grabbed our attention. We are learning how to run a team so you can actually take a vacation.”
-Jennifer Bozarth

“Everyone at Keller Williams is so eager to share their success. It is great to see how teamwork can play out in an entrepreneurial environment,” Jennifer said.

With Jennifer as the number one agent for two consecutive years with their previous firm, Jennifer and Kurt had a unique challenge. ”We were so successful with RE/MAX, had so much visibility and we didn’t want to ruin a good thing,” Jennifer said.

Ultimately, the training, coaching and growth opportunities available to them at Keller Williams provided the Bozarths with the assurance they needed to confidently make the move.