Kevin Larose Port Credit, Ontario

Kevin Larose had been working in the real estate market of his Port Credit community in Toronto, Ontario, for more than 13 years with RE/MAX. Two colleagues, John Furber, operating principal of Keller Williams Realty Solutions, and Mike Clarke, a sales representative at Keller Williams Advantage Realty shared Keller Williams with him and expressed interest in having Larose join KW.

Larose had read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and was impressed with its approach to building teams. Still, Larose had a hard time leaving RE/MAX out of loyalty, which he values greatly. So, he approached Furber for a frank discussion and was then invited to a 10-person mastermind group with Gary Keller.

“What Keller offers the marketplace is models and systems that you can follow that will help guarantee longevity within the marketplace, whether you’re a team member or whether you’re an individual person.”

During the mastermind, Larose expressed concern about the impact a brand change would have on his business. Keller said that was “limited thinking,” and that the customer does business with the broker, not the brand.

Since joining KW, Larose has found systems that have helped him continue to build his 14-member team. In addition, he found true mentors, “not other professionals who were really just competitors,” he said. While he realized that the models and systems made business sense, Larose said the Keller Williams culture was what really attracted him to the company. “If someone wants to build a team, they have to be givers,” he says.