Caroline Huo Burlingame, California

Bring It On!

In her first month with Keller Williams, Caroline Huo of the Peninsula Estates market center is already feeling more empowered and has renewed excitement for her career.

Huo joined Keller Williams from Coldwell Banker because she wanted more tools to take her business to the next level. “Keller Williams teaches agents how to run their real estate business like a business,” she said.

“When you play sports with people just as good as you are you get complacent. You want to play up and be with people who can help you get more. It was my time.”

Huo had had her eye on Keller Williams as the market center rapidly built up its market share and reputation. “They were thriving,” she said. “These agents have more time and are doing more business. I wanted to be there with agents I felt were similar to me. I also wanted to be where it really is about the agent and growing the agent.”

Huo wasn’t sure how her clients would handle her switch. “Most of my clients are luxury clients and KW Luxury Homes International is still growing in my area,” she said. Huo is thrilled that her clients sense her excitement and is confident the transition will be smooth.

Huo immediately launched herself into Keller Williams training opportunities. “I am soaking it all up. I watch all the videos on KWConnect and attend the classes in our market center,” she said. Huo is registered for Mega Camp and is excited to meet her extended Keller Williams family.

“I was so exhausted. Now I am excited and my vibe is, ‘Bring it on!’’ she exclaimed.