Associate Leadership Council

The Keller Williams ALC or Agent Leadership Council is made up of the top 20% of agents in each office. This dynamic ‘board of directors’ is actively involved in the leadership decisions that make the office more productive and profitable.

  • Shari Norwick
    Shari Norwick ALC 2018
  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller ALC 2018
  • Vikki Keyser
    Vikki Keyser ALC 2018
  • John Buice
    John Buice ALC 2018
  • Donna Hartzler
    Donna Hartzler ALC 2018
  • John Buetergerds
    John Buetergerds ALC 2018
  • Rachel Woodruff
    Rachel Woodruff ALC 2018
  • Jan Swift
    Jan Swift ALC 2018
  • Eugene Sherry
    Eugene Sherry ALC 2018
  • Domenico Porpora
    Domenico Porpora ALC 2018
  • Jay Hogue
    Jay Hogue ALC 2018