Tom SchoenbeckREALTOR®, Lewes|Rehoboth Beach

I grew up in Chicago in 1957 and watched my father’s strong work ethic all my life. His personal strength and commitment to family values is what I will always remember. It is through his example that I always try to emulate; his integrity as a professional and a true gentleman. When  I was 14, my family moved to Phoenix Arizona and I entered the Air Force when I was 18. I retired in Dover DE as a Senior Master Sergeant in 1996 after 20 years of honorable military service. Through my childhood and military career, I have visited or lived in 48 of the 50 states and visited several foreign countries, including Iceland, Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas. After teaching for a number of years, I decided to shift my professional life’s focus and in 2006 I joined the Keller Williams Realty family in Dover and in the summer of 2009 I joined the Keller Williams family in Rehoboth Beach. Besides being a Realtor, I try to give to my community when I can. I have been a Delaware Big Brother since the early 90’s, I foster parented several children through Catholic Charities. I support the Human Rights Campaign and I truly believe every human has the same rights as all others. I treat my clients with the same dignity and respect as I would hope they extend to me. I live by a simple life’s rule; I will never seek to be superior to another, I will only seek to be superior to my former self. With that, I hope I will always be remembered as a gentleman, a good friend, an honest advocate, and a diligent worker. How may I serve you?