Head Turners

Every day Keller Williams Realty is turning the heads of top-performing agents who are joining the company and turning heads of agents around the world. What is it about Keller Williams that entices successful agents to transition their businesses to the company?

  • Sarah Schifano
    Sarah Schifano REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Robert Kauffman
    Robert Kauffman REALTOR®, Associate Broker, Bethany Beach
  • Courtney Bouloucon
    Courtney Bouloucon REALTOR®, Fenwick Island
  • Anna Meiklejohn
    Anna Meiklejohn REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Cynthia Spieczny
    Cynthia Spieczny REALTOR®, Associate Broker, Bethany Beach
  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Steve Alexander
    Steve Alexander REALTOR®, Associate Broker, Bethany Beach
  • Ann Baker
    Ann Baker REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Tom Schoenbeck
    Tom Schoenbeck REALTOR®, Lewes|Rehoboth Beach
  • Karla Morgan
    Karla Morgan REALTOR®, Fenwick Island
  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Bill Hand
    Bill Hand REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Ann Powell
    Ann Powell REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes REALTOR®, Associate Broker, Fenwick Island
  • William Lucks
    William Lucks
  • Joann Glussich
    Joann Glussich REALTOR®, Lewes|Rehoboth Beach
  • Valerie Ellenberger
    Valerie Ellenberger REALTOR®, Lewes|Rehoboth Beach
  • Karen Sergison
    Karen Sergison REALTOR®, Delaware Beaches
  • Christina Antonioli
    Christina Antonioli REALTOR®, Bethany Beach
  • Colleen Windrow
    Colleen Windrow REALTOR®, Bethany Beach