KWIF Agent Testimonials

KWIF Agent: Becky Kolb of the Kolb Team:

I chose KWIF…BECAUSE…hands down the culture and leadership! We asked to sit down with Mindy Nevarez and she was eager and willing to share her systems and answer questions. We asked Shivani Dallas the same and she gave up over an hour of her time to meet with us. Today, sitting next to Steve Chader and he asks if there is anything he can do to help our business! Folks, we have an amazing group of ready, willing and able people in this company. Thanks to all of you and others who are always willing to help us as we grow and figure things out. If I can do anything to help anyone at KWIF ask. I will be ready!

KWIF Agent:  Jim Smith

I Love KWIF, My 2nd Family. When I First came to KWIF from New Home Sales 6 Years ago, I felt so overwhelmed with all the Documentation/Paperwork. I was wondering “How would I find the Time to concentrate on Buyers/Listings. I attended a class here in our office on Transactions/Documents that Sandy Gibides was Teaching. I discovered She is a Transaction Manager and She could be my TM. Suddenly a Heavy Weight was Lifted from my Shoulders. Knowing Sandy is always there to Oversee all my Transactions moved my Confidence up 100+%. Sandy goes Over and Above with Her Professional Expertise. She makes sure all Docs are there and all parts of the Transaction are Correct and in Order and so much more.and also will chase down cross Agents for Docs when Needed, Freeing me up to do what I Love, Listing and Selling and Serving Clients.We Believe “The More We Share the More We Grow” This is why I’m Sharing “Sandy Gibides” She Will Do The Paperwork, So You Can Do the People-Work”